Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love It!

Since I have been absent from blogging lately and you've has been doing all the heavy lifting I'm going to do a two-fer today.  I love your healthy habit's post and am going to piggyback on it.

I totally agree about not drinking enough water, it's really hard to fit it in during the work day. First I tried purchasing cute water bottles to entice me to carry it everywhere and that worked for awhile. Now I'm back in my old rut of coming home parched because I didn't drink anything all day. So I really would like to try the aqua zinger, it's a neat water bottle with a bottom that you fill with fruit/herbs and infuse the water.

It infuses two 20 oz servings and the website even has recipes for all kinds of fruit/ herb combos.

Six-Flavor Black Teas Gift BoxPlus I absolutely second, even third that about tea! I really love it as my warm drink of choice and am completely obsessed with Stash Teas from Portland, OR.  Some of my faves are the Morrocan Mint, Orange Spice and Cinnamon Apple Chamomile just to name a few.

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  1. Ooo that is a neat water bottle. I am OBSESSED with kitchen gadgets and water bottles of that sort, so I may have to try that one day. Let me know if you get it!! Love the tea too! Have you tried Good Earth? That's another awesome brand.